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This product is an excellent moisturizer. I got a sample of it and have since purchased from their website. I typically use Aveeno lotion with oatmeal on my hands and body – my hands get particularly dry – and that’s been my go-to for several years. I find that with Aveeno I have to apply on my hands in the morning and at night. For just regular dry skin, I’ve been able to put Herb to Soothe cream on only once a day, at bedtime, and the impact seems to last through the entire next day. A little bit of the cream goes quite a long way too. For my hands I used a pea-size amount and it literally covers them front to back. I like that the cream is more natural too. It’s not bleached out – has the natural color of the herbs. Also, it smells like the herbs. I’m not crazy about the smell – I don’t dislike it, but I don’t love it either – but it’s fine because when I put it on before bed, by morning the smell is gone. It seems to absorb pretty quickly, and it’s not at all greasy.

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