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I use Camwell Herb to Smooth all of the time for healing from a rash or a burn. I had a terrible burn on my hand at Thanksgiving 2020 when I pulled the turkey from the oven and I burned my hand on the hot pan and grease. My hand blistered and was not healing. Knowing the positive effects of Camwell creams when I used them before, I applied a layer twice a day. In five days, my hand was significantly better. The blister healed and I had minimal scarring. I have also used Camwell Herb to Smooth when I get a rash. I am very sensitive to soaps and every few months I will get a severe rash on my stomach. I always use Camwell creams and my rashes go away within two days. The ingredients in Camwell products have an immediate healing effect. I have recommended Camwell creams to my family and friends-it’s the only product that I use.

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