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The only product that I use

I use Camwell Herb to Smooth all of the time for healing from a rash or a burn. I had a terrible burn on my hand at Thanksgiving 2020 when I pulled the turkey from the oven and I burned my hand on the hot pan and grease. My hand blistered and was not healing. Knowing...

CamWell for radiation treatments

My husband had radical surgery on his face secondary to Squamous Cell spread. He had twice/day extensive radiation treatments. The whole left side of his face had radiation burns, extremely painful, itching, red and crusty black skin. He was prescribed several lotions...

Great product for radiation burns!

A quality product that soothed radiation burns and reduced the appearance of their scars. No scent and a light tint blended well into skin. An expensive product but only a small amount needed!

I was very pleased with how well it works

A friend gave me a sample of the Herb to Soothe cream to try and I was very pleased with how well it works. It absorbs easily and feels great on my skin. I found relief from redness and itching almost immediately. The natural ingredients are a big plus too. So happy...

I used this cream to help with my face

I used this cream to help with my face when I had to chemically peel it. It was very soothing and moisturizing to a sore face. I will continue to use this cream to keep my skin soft without being greasy.
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