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A must use for Neuropathy

I’ve tried over 10 products dealing with peripherial neuropathy/hand foot syndrome. I was tired discarding products in the massive offer maze. Until I found this cream which is the UNIQUE cream that CALMS my burning and at the same time HEALS my cracking skin....


I am a breast cancer survivor who suffers from neuropathy. It started during chemo and was excruciating in my feet and hands. We tried everything! Gabapentin (hated the side effects), extremely expensive compound creams and finally was able to get relief from months...

It is an unbelievable product.

I love it and so do the patients. I have given out all the samples and everyone is thrilled with the results, including me. We use so much Doxil and also taxanes – which are wonderful chemotherapeutic agents except for some of the dose-limiting skin and nail...
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