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Cancer Survivor Gifts Special Healing Bundle for Radiation Patient

Cancer Survivor Gift Box

Cancer Survivor Gifts Special Healing Bundle for Radiation Patient

$145.00 (Free Shipping in Continental U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii)

We know that cancer treatment can sap your mind, body and spirit—and we want to help.

Our Cancer Survivor Gift Set provides you or your loved one with nurturing support in the form of our holistic, oncologist-created herbal remedies. Each box contains healing supplies to help sustain you while you’re going through radiation therapy and to nurture a sense of refuge and peace.

This beautiful gift box includes:

  • 6 all natural soothing moisturizers designed by oncologist specifically for radiation patients. Maximum strength herbal creams made in USA. Vegan. Cruelty free. Non-greasy. Paraben free. Safe for all cancer patients before, during, and after radiation treatment.
  • 1 ultra soft healing blanket printed with beautiful waterfall scenery and inspirational quotes. Cuddle up in for comforting. Use as a supportive pillow or home décor.

6 natural creams designed by oncologists; 1 healing blanket.

Relieving pain and calming itchy skin throughout radiation treatments. Maximum strength. Cruelty free. Vegan.

Nurturing support and love with inspirational quotes, beautiful waterfall nature printed on an ultra soft blanket.

Cuddling up in the premium super soft blanket for comforting. Use as a pillow or home décor.

Content Page – Cancer Survivor Gifts

Cancer treatment is one of the most difficult endeavors you’ll experience in your lifetime. While treatment is necessary in your recovery, it can leave you completely drained – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Your body and spirit feels as if it’s been through a lot – and we at CamWell are here to help. If you or a loved one you know has battled or is currently fighting cancer, a cancer care package is the perfect way to provide a spiritual and physical lift.

If someone close to you in your life has dealt with cancer or you are fighting the battle yourself, you know that both skin care and emotional support are essential pieces of the equation when it comes to sustaining the body throughout treatment.

If you’ve undergone cancer treatment, chances are you may be dealing with some combination of the following:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Dry, peeling skin
  • Rashes
  • Burning
  • Mood changes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

We at CamWell have made it our mission to deliver a high-level of nurturing care to those affected by cancer – that’s why we developed the CamWell Healing Bundle.

CamWell Care Package for Cancer Patients

There is nothing more appreciated than the overwhelming feeling of love and support when undergoing the fight of your life, that’s why we at CamWell take an immense amount of pride in crafting the perfect gift baskets for cancer patients.

Gifts for cancer patients can go a long way in improving both the mental and physical conditions of either you or your loved ones. While treatment provides medical support, emotional encouragement is equally important. The loving support that comes along with receiving a cancer care package can’t be quantified, and it’s something we are proud to aid in.

The healing gifts for cancer patients contained in the CamWell Healing Bundle are comprised of our holistic, oncologist-created herbal remedies. But these five all-natural moisturizers are just the beginning of the care package for cancer patient – our team has carefully curated the perfect combination of gifts for cancer patients undergoing radiation AND cancer survivors.

Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients: Each CamWell Healing Bundle contains:

Five All-Natural Moisturizers – Safe for all patients before, during, and after treatment. These carefully selected and sourced creams are oncologist-created and maximum strength – only a small amount is needed to feel relief. CamWell lotions aid in relieving pain and tenderness, hydrate severely dry, cracked skin, and help protect against infection.

We care deeply about the quality of our products, that’s why you’ll never find artificial colors, fragrances or chemicals in them.

Healing Blanket – There’s no better feeling than the warmth that comes along with being wrapped in a blanket. Ideal for home use or during treatment, our healing blanket is ultra soft and printed with beautiful waterfall scenery and inspirational quotes. This premium blanket can also double as a pillow, or even home decor.

Whether you’re currently undergoing treatment or you’ve entered the recovery stages, we at CamWell are proud to support your fight. We’ve made it our mission to deliver only the highest quality products to those that need them most, and we’ll always continue to do so. Our team will help you find the perfect gift for yourself or that special loved one in your life – you’ll never walk alone with CamWell.

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