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Our Approach to Herbal Compatibility

Our Methodology

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  • Most botanically-based products on the market today use single herbs that have beneficial qualities, but aren’t understood to be compatible with any other herbs within the formula. These creams are created within a ‘1+1=2’ mindset. CamWell botanical creams follow a different path based on excellent clinical results found within traditional medicine. Our formulations follow the principles of herb compatibility: herbs are intentionally and intelligently combined such that the net effect is much greater than the sum of each individual part.

    Much research has been done to explore the established understanding within traditional medicine that, when combined properly and in the correct ratios, component herbs maximize the strengths of each other. The herbal formulas found in CamWell creams have been used for years in clinical application and are proven to add value within the sphere of modern western medicine.

    We believe strongly that the best medicine is the combination of traditional and modern medicines.


    An Overview of --the TCM Basics --

    Deeper Reading

    Explore the Compendium of Materia Medica.

    The principles of Chinese herbal medicine, “Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi” (also known as “sovereign-minister-assistant-courier”):

    • The Jun (sovereign/emperor) component herbs of Chinese medicine treat the main cause or primary symptoms of a disease
    • The Chen (minister/associate) component herbs serve to broaden the effects of Jun, and to relieve secondary symptoms
    • The Zuo (assistant) component herbs modulate the effects of Jun and Chen
    • The Shi (courier/messenger) component herbs help all component herbs deliver
    • The same plant can have distant roles in different formulae. Thus, Jun and Chen herbs in one formula may serve as Zuo and Shi herbs in another.
    • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula has multiple components simultaneously act on multi-targets. The whole formula outperforms all individual herbs. The action of one herb is NOT simple stack of herbs in a cumulative fashion.
    • In-depth understanding of the efficacy-oriented compatibility principles of natural medicine is absolutely essential for developing component-based Chinese medicine.
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