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Transforming healthcare options by promoting wellness.

Our superior product formulations combine modern science, quality manufacturing, and the wisdom of natural medicine.
Unitech Medical, Inc. is a Minnesota-based company that has specialized in oncology and general purpose skin creams since 2005. All of our CamWell™ creams are manufactured in Minnesota, with medicinal quality herbs imported from China.

Our skin creams are grounded in a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and contemporary cancer science. In China, it’s very common for oncologists to collaborate with TCM doctors who specialize in oncology to prepare patients for chemotherapy and radiation and to manage side effects of treatment. We’ve brought that same spirit of cooperation to our line of oncology skin creams, designed to repair and heal skin damaged by cancer treatment.

We are thrilled to be providing support to oncology professionals and their patients.

Our Medical Director — Dr. Hongsheng Lin, MD

Our Medical Director — Dr. Hongsheng Lin, MD

We are very fortunate and proud to have Dr. Hongsheng Lin, MD, Chair of the Oncology Department at Guang’anmen Hospital in Beijing and a renowned expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as the medical director and chief formulator for CamWell oncology and other skin care creams.


Dr. Lin is the president of the Specialty Committee of Oncology, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine (CAIM), and the Specialty Committee of Traditional Medicine, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA). Moreover, she is an editorial board member of a number of academic journals, and was awarded China’s highest honor in recognition of her national and international medical accomplishments. Her clinical cancer research, focusing on enhancing clinical activity and reducing the toxicity associated with chemotherapy, has been published in both Chinese and English. She has authored and co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on the topic of Chinese medicine and cancer, including collaborating with researchers from the National Cancer Institute on the topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine and cancer.

Eczema Skincare

Gentle Defense General Purpose Herbal Skin Cream

Vegan Non-toxic herbal cream to soothe dry & irritated skin, heal burns & speed wound recovery.



Natural herbal skin cream for soothing conditions caused by cancer treatment

Oncologist-formulated, vegan creams that help relieve hand-foot syndrome, radiation dermatitis & skin damaged by cancer treatments.




Skin care for mother and baby

Vegan Non-toxic herbal creams for mom & baby that protect, soothe & hydrate.


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